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Special Projects

There is never enough time in the day to finish all the day-to-day duties and properly address the special projects that are important to your business. An outside expert, who has both the time and objectivity, can fill an important gap and ensure management has the tools it needs to be effective.


  • Corporate Road Shows – Appropriate preparation of a corporate road show helps you pinpoint and hone the most important messages you intend to convey when presenting to prospective investors and key stakeholders
  • Due Diligence – Financial and operational due diligence is critical during M&A and other transactions to identify problems and ensure transparency in making decisions
  • Project Analysis – Buy/sell, feasibility and other evaluations can result in informed decisions only when the right data is compiled and properly evaluated
  • Corporate Documents – Corporate minutes and master corporate files must be properly documented and maintained in order to meet legal, security and administrative control requirements
  • Forensic Accounting – Investigative accounting can be focused on internal corporate or personnel matters or activities with or by outsiders; what is discovered could dictate the need for decisive action
  • Audit Planning and Preparation - Proper preparation for an annual or special financial audit will ensure that no unnecessary surprises will arise
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Special Projects