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Exceptional or unusual circumstances can provide opportunities for dramatically altering the strategic direction of a business, and the potential impact can be significant for the business and for its owners and investors as well. Evaluating, strategizing, researching and negotiating these opportunities can take precious time away from important day-to-day business needs, so it’s essential to have strong resources on your side.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Whether being proactive or reactive, taking a methodical and thorough approach can exponentially influence the outcome
  • IPOs – Extremely complex, difficult and time consuming; preparation, positioning and experience are critical for success
  • Financings – Determining your corporate funding requirements as well as sourcing available and acceptable capital ensures that your business will be properly capitalized and able to meet future needs for business growth, capital expenditures and expansion
  • Restructurings or Divestitures – Evaluating and identifying whether structural changes in the business, such as streamlining operations, should be considered in order to become more focused and centered on the core competencies of your business
  • Negotiating and Deal Structuring – Having experienced eyes and ears on hand during major transactions helps avoid pitfalls due to inexperience while strengthening your negotiating team and ensuring that you maximize your results
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