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Executive/Key Man

Working for a CEO whose only interest was sales and marketing meant someone had to lead and manage the rest of the business. This included operations, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, quality, product development, regulatory affairs, finance, human resources, facilities, MIS, banking, legal, corporate communications, and capital needs. Hiring someone with a strong background in M&A and due diligence means you are more likely to receive  objective and meaningful evaluation. And full time, seasoned senior executives are often financially out of reach to companies.


  • Part-time Chief Financial Officer or Controller – A shortage or gap in the finance and administrative area can leave a business vulnerable. Bringing in a professional to bridge the gap, or to add  new expertise for even one or two days a week can significantly upgrade an organization, make a strong statement to outsiders and investors, and help drive the business forward. It also ensures that the back office is positioned to support the enterprise and its changing demands
  • Part-time Chief Operating Officer – The corporate demands of a CEO are broad and, when combined with operational challenges, often times overwhelming. Fighting fires, finding better ways for the business groups to interact, working to improve productivity and profitability – these are all opportunities which require focus or else they become lost opportunities. Bringing in a right-hand person, a professional, one or two days a week to focus on those areas where there just isn't enough time in the week to invest, can pay big dividends
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Executive/Key Man
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