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Human Resources Services

People are a company’s most valuable asset. Attracting and hiring the right people and partnering them wth talented colleagues is the first step towards creating a productive and engaging work environment. Do it right and a business succeeds; do it wrong – well, whatever you do, don’t! A highly qualified and certified HR professional can help tackle the HR jungle.

  • HR Compliance – Diligence and recordkeeping throughout every stage of people management is critical in order to prevent HR discrepancies and potential litigation

  • Personnel Policies – Policies are meant to ensure that the tactics of the business are conducted legally and fairly, and that employee expectations are established and managed

  • Benefit Programs and Plans – Ensuring that your compensation and benefit plans are fair and competitive is important in today’s marketplace. Often times your top talent will flee when these are not properly managed. Having to replace a valuable employee is a costly and time consuming failure

  • Interviewing, Hiring, Terminating – Having the right process in place to locate, screen and hire the best is crucial to meeting the needs of the business. Terminations, layoffs and downsizing also need to be done carefully and thoughtfully to avoid liability

  • Training – Once you hire well you need to train well and ensure that your employees learn what’s <b>needed<b> for their role in the organization. And supporting your employees' personal growth reinforces your commitment to them which, in turn, strengthens their commitment to you