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Business Planning & Strategy

Taking time to step back from the day-to-day operations and focus on the future is critical to developing a roadmap of where you are going (or might like to go) and the best track to get you there. Developing ideas and plans through research and brainstorming sessions should be a priority but is often times pushed aside for the firefighting needs of the day. An outsider can focus corral the business resources and focus them for a period of time; then back away to expand on the concepts and conduct research before returning for additional quality time and effort. 


  • Business Plans – Usually a low priority and easily put off; using creative vision to see the future, not just what’s in front of you, and starting with possibilities is the first step toward leapfrogging a business forward
  • Budgeting – Most of us will do the bare minimum to get by with budgeting; you cannot accurately predict the future unless you use your past experiences of what you thought would happen compared with what actually ensued
  • Financial Modeling – Whether for special projects, a theoretical new line of business, a possible divestiture, a strategic or financial partnership, or a large capital expenditure, well designed financial models can highlight the effect of each component – any or all of which when combined can have a significant impact
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Business Planning & Strategy
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